Ignatius of Loyola, the MAG+S and you

José María Rodríguez Olaizola s.j. 

There’s an ambition that make damage in life. Is the opposite of humility. Is the ambition who’s need to climb based on let others in the way. The one from whom need shine to blind others, monopolize to beat, and pile up to prove you’re worth. That ambition is insatiable and is focus in the own ego. It ends up leading us to pursue mirage

There is another ambition, instead, that is necessary. And is the opposite of mediocrity. Is the search for answers, without being satisfied with topics. It’s want to grow up with others to become the best person that you can be. Is the desire to pass over the world throwing root and leaving a good mark in others life’s. Is the courage to jump into the void and risk when it’s worth, to find others and God. 

This second ambition, we refer when we talk about MAG+S. Is live more, want more, grow more, dream more… or how do we learn from Ignacio de Loyola, love and serve up more. Ignacio learned in his own life, not being conformed with the convection of his age, with the fail of his projects, or with the inwardness of his time. He planted face to family expectations, vital defeats and a distant God, and searched in his own, in the road of his world and in God, others answers. And pilgrimage as well, inside and out, he found them and share them. 

That’s what it means, also, jump to the MAG+S in the next JMJ. Doing it you will also be a little pilgrim. You leave your land, you get in a space that you don’t know, with different people. You have the senses to absorb new aromas, sounds, stories, words that may be new. Hopefully be seeds for you. Hopefully help you makes the MAG+S a constantly logic on your road and your story.