Mag+s Centroamérica 2019 will be an experience of pilgrimage, of exchange with youth from diverse parts of the world, of contact with the realities of the region of Central America, and- above all- of encounter with Jesus.

Thus it is necessary that pilgrims prepare not only the bag that they will carry on their backs, but also their hearts, in order to live to the fullest the experiences that will take place in these six Central American countries.

To help in this preparation, beginning September 19th, a weekly prayer along with other materials will be sent out to participants, which will provide tools for the pilgrims that can help them prepare themselves to live the Mag+s experience to the fullest.

Each week a prayer will be provided so that, at the same time that pilgrims are preparing their backpacks, they are likewise preparing themselves internally through prayerful contemplation.

Training Program


What is MAG+S?

Today we initiate the path of preparation for the experiencie MAG+S Centroamérica 2019, and the first subject that we share helps you to delve the meaning of "MAGIS": the word that gives the name to the program in which you will become pilgrim in central american lands. We invite you to learn and internalize the word magis.


MAG+S experience

How to live the dynamism that encloses the MAG+S concept in the meeting with other young people? Today´s theme responds to the previous question and it describes how the MAG+S summarizes values, projects and intentions of the a life focused on the search for the greater glory of God.


Contemplate reality from the gaze of God

With the gaze of God we go to the very heart of the history of humanity in all its complexity and diversity. And it is this history of ours that we must contribute to save by a greater interior knowledge of the Lord who for us has become man so that we may love and follow him more.


Diversity and unity among the Central American peoples

Since pre-Hispanic times the Central American region was diverse. The multicolored beauty of its geography with mountains, volcanoes, lakes and tropical forests was reflected in the multiethnic and multicultural richness that the region developed.


The Central American reality

From the compassionate gaze of the Trinity, we contemplate Central America in all its diversity and complexity, and we let that reality move us to give a Christian response.


A history of martyrs

God has aroused in the men and women of Central Americ a spirit of prophecy, which has prompted them to denounce terrible social sins and call for conversion, to the point of dying violently in the fulfillment of their mission.


Violence and a culture of peace

The biblical story of Cain and Abel teaches us that humanity has inscribed in itself a vocation to fraternity, but also the dramatic possibility of its betrayal. Daily selfishness bears witness to this.


Called to follow Jesus and build the Kingdom of God

All young people are invited to develop the ability to read life from within and intuit where and how the Lord asks them to be followers of his mission.


Companions in a mission of reconciliation and justice

From the awareness of being loved sinners we stand before the crucified Christ to ask ourselves the three-part question: What have I done for Christ? What am I doing for Christ? What ought I do for Christ?


With hearts on fire to ignite other hearts

What does it mean that we set the world on fire? It means that we share with one another the best of ourselves: our skills, gifts and talents; those things which God has placed in us for our own good and in service to others; and to go beyond our passions and interests by throwing ourselves into the world in order to heal its wounds.


The theme of MAGIS 2019: Your word transform

The young people of the world are bearers of a "word" that has become life in us in order to give life to the world. Do I allow myself to be led by the "word" that transforms?


Our next WYD Panamá 2019

MAGIS Central America 2019 will be the route that will lead us to that great encounter with Christ, with Pope Francis and with young people coming from different parts of the world.


Bearers of the Word, we journey towards WYD 2019

We journey towards Central America for MAGIS 2019, enlightened by the Word of God and in an attitude of permanent listening, to discern God's plan in our lives.


Where am i going and to what

Ignacio's spirituality is always oriented and ordered to reach something. For him, all path and resources are aimed at a goal, and the mobilization of emotions and affections have the purpose to reach that goal.


Official Prayer

Lord Jesus,
Eternal Word of the Father, by whom all things were created and in whom all that exists finds fulfillment.
Moved by compassion and from the very bosom of the Trinity you exclaimed "let humankind be redeemed".
And you wanted to be here among us, emptying yourself, taking the form of a servant and bearing our suffering.
To transform the history and fate of humanity, you overcame with your death and resurrection every sin and even death itself.

From all regions of the world, we make this pilgrimage with enthusiasm and joy to encounter you in Central America.
In the diversity of languages, people and nations, we unite in our shared faith and hope given to us by your Spirit.
We have heard the call of our Eternal King to follow you in an intimate and permanent communion.
To work with you and in your likeness to build a world of true fraternity, justice and peace.

Grant us the ability to hear you word and move us to action with our heart forever inspired by you.
In the midst of so much noise and division, help us to embrace your word deep in our hearts.
May your word bare fruit in our lives, just as You, the Living Word, were born in the womb of Virgin Mary.
Transform our lives as You, Incarnate Word, transformed the course of human history.

Give us the grace of mercy as we contemplate the life and reality of the Central American people who welcome us.
And the grace of finding you in so many faces and situations we will encounter as we walk in this blessed land.
Filled with your Spirit, may we also be your living words that we communicate with our closeness and work, bringing comfort, joy and hope.
Making us your instruments in the transformation of our world and in the construction of a new, reconciled and peaceful society.

We ask this of You through your love for us and through the intercession of your blessed Mother who is also our mother, and through brother, Blessed Óscar Romero.


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