The sending of preparatory topics for MAG+S 2019 will start

Dear pilgrims: with joy we inform you that starting tomorrow we will begin to share in audio format the preparatory themes for MAG+S 2019. These will be published every Monday in the Resources section of this website in the section Preparing your Backpack. We invite you to check out this section!

When the audio clip of each weekly theme is published you will be able to listen to it online and download it so that you can go deeper into each shared theme not only individually but also with your delegation with which you are preparing together for MAG+S 2019.

The set of the preparatory themes is entitled: Where am I going and to what? Journeying with encouragement and generosity towards MAG+S 2019! The themes that will be shared will help you to enter and dispose yourself internally towards MAG+S, from the deepening in Ignatian spiritually, the Central American reality, the motto of MAG+S 2019 and World Youth Day. Interesting!

With the sending of the preparatory themes we enter a stage of intense spiritual preparation while we journey together – from various regions across the world – towards the encounter with the One that announces a word that transforms.

 We invite you to listen to the first audio clip that we will share tomorrow.