We created an App for the pilgrims. Make sure to download it!

At first we thought it was just an idea. But the "more" that pushes us to desire big things and to become increasingly "green" has impelled us to imagine this App, elaborate its content, contact experts, request translations and ensure its usability. And today, after many efforts and 30 days till MAGIS 2019, we are very happy to officially present the Pilgrim's Journal App.


Here are some of its features:

1. It is available in Spanish and English

2. It works without internet 

3. You will find it in the app stores under the name “Magis 2019”

4. It is available on the Apple App Store for iPhone devices and on Google Play for Android devices 


Its content is structured as follows:

1. Presentation

2. The Central American Province

3. MAGIS Central America 2019

4. MAGIS daily prayers 

5. MAGIS daily liturgies 

6. Celebrate MAGIS

7. Songs for Mass

8. The Ignatian Examen

9. Guide to pray the rosary

10. Guide to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation

11. MAGIS agenda in each country

12. MAGIS Experiences

13. Emergency Directory


 We invite you to download the App on your cell phone so that you can familiarize yourself with all of its content that will be used throughout MAGIS, including the Experiences. See you in 30 days!